Wine Club


HOW DOES the Wine Club WORK?

Glad you asked! Members receive 4 bottles, 6 bottles, or 12 bottles from our wine makers selection every 3 months. You can choose to pick this wine up at our wine release events or we can ship this wine to your home or business.

Membership perks include:

  1. Complementary tastings for yourself and your guests in our Tasting Room
  2. Enjoy savings on special events and entry fees
  3. 15% off all bottle purchases and 25% off all case purchases
  4. Early access to new releases
  5. Invitation to exclusive Wine Club events 

how much does it cost?

Good news, there is no registration fee to join our wine club! By joining the Wine Club you agree to purchase wine (at a discounted price) every March, June, September, and December. Depending on the quarterly wine selection, pricing for your package may vary. 

Members will be charged once every three months for their shipments. 

  1. 4 Bottle Members: $80 - $90 (Denotes 15% discount)
  2. 6 Bottle Members: $110 - $125 (Denotes 20% discount)
  3. 12 Bottle Members: $205 - $230 (Denotes 25% discount)

Shipping and tax not reflected in the above pricing.

We ask for a 1 year commitment so that you can enjoy our seasonal releases and year round events.