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2016 BDX
2017 Rose of Sangiovese
2017 Dolce Rosato

2017 Vino Novello, Solano County/Green Valley

Our second annual release of this Beaujolais-style wine is a celebration of this year’s harvest.  100% Sangiovese from our estate vineyard bottled before malolactic fermentation is complete makes this light red bright and cheery, suitable for you holiday gatherings.  Intended to drink immediately to enjoy its fresh flavors of cherry and red raspberries with a hint of tartness.                                      Retail: $20 bottle / $240 case
Wine Club: $17.00 bottle / $180.00 case

2016 A'Rouge, Solano County/Green Valley

This blend of 85% Sangiovese and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon all from our estate starts with delicate aromas of strawberries, has hints of fresh cherries and finishes on your back palette with notes of vanilla dipped blackberries.                                                                                      
Retail: $22 bottle / $264 case
Wine Club: $18.70 bottle / $198 case

2015 Dolcetto, Solano County/Green Valley
Notes: Currently, there are approximately 100 acres planted of the Dolcetto grape in California. Our estate Dolcetto has a rich dark purple hue that is characteristic of the varietal. This traditional Piedmont-style Dolcetto has a pleasantly smooth finish that accentuates the dark fruit flavors. In Italian, “dolce” can mean “soft” or “sweet”. This Dolcetto is a dry, yet fruit-forward wine, with soft tannins to make this ready to enjoy now. 
Retail: $24 bottle / $288 case
Wine Club: $20.40 bottle / $216 case

2015 Sangiovese, Solano County/Green Valley
Notes: Two clones of Sangiovese, from two separate blocks on the G V Cellars Estate, come together to form this harmonious, food-friendly wine.  Red fruits, minerality and balanced acidity make this wine the perfect complement to pizza, pasta and other tomato sauce based foods.
Retail: $20 bottle / $240 case
Wine Club: $17 bottle / $180 case

2015 Merlot, Solano County/Green Valley
Notes:  Our vineyard produces a unique Merlot; fruit-driven with expressive tannins that create a smooth medium bodied wine.  Food friendly or enjoy the lingering flavors on its own!
Retail: $24 bottle / $288 case
Wine Club: $20.40 bottle / $216 case

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Solano County/Green Valley

Notes: An appealing Cabernet from our estate with notes of dark fruits such as currants and a finish of herbs and spices to add to its complexity.  Easy tannins, which are common with our soil, make this enjoyable by the glass or paired with beef.                                                     
Retail: $26 bottle / $312 case
Wine Club: $22.10 bottle / $234 case

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, California - Black Label
Notes: With grapes coming mainly from the Lodi area, this is a rich Cabernet created by the hot inland temperatures.  The cool fermentation temperatures accented the cherry and cassis aromas with the nuances of toasty oak flavors on the palate.
Retail: $20 bottle / $240 case
Wine Club: $17 bottle / $180 case

2014 Super Rosso, Solano County/Green Valley
An alluring ruby in color, our Super Rosso is a thoughtful composition of 67% Sangiovese, 19% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 1% Dolcetto. The succulent and refreshing cherry notes are delightfully accented by the soft earthiness of our Sangiovese. Our Cabernet Sauvignon adds tannin and structure while the Merlot adds a silky, medium body finish. With just a touch of sweetness from the Dolcetto, this Tuscan style red wine is an approachable partner for Italian dishes and savory meals. 
Retail: $28 bottle / $336 case
Wine Club: $23.80 bottle / $252 case

2015 Syrah, Solano County/Green Valley
Notes: Rich Aromas and viscus legs on the glass pull you into this wine to discover is luscious fruit structure and rounded tannins.  Red raspberry on the front of your palate leads to a finish of dark cherry, blackberries and oak.  This complex Syrah represents our unique terrior in Green Valley.
Retail: $26 bottle / $312 case
Wine Club: $22.10 bottle / $234 case

2015 Queensland, Solano County/Green Valley
Notes: A deep red blend of 60% Syrah and 40% Merlot, all from our estate aged with 20% new French oak to round out the distinctive red fruit flavors of these 2 grapes.  Medium tannins and a robust finish make this Australian-style blend approachable and a great partner with rich food such as rosemary lamb and peppered steak.  
Retail: $28 bottle / $336 case
Wine Club: $23.80 bottle / $252 case

2014 Old Vine Zinfandel, Solano County/Green Valley - Platinum
Notes: Hand picked from vines planted in 1948, this Zinfandel has the body and the structure sought in wines made from historic vines.  The deep complexity gives aromas and flavors of dark fruits including blackberries and plums.  Aged 18 months in French Oak puncheons gives this wine a subtle nuance of oak without overpowering the elegant bouquet.
Retail: $45 bottle / $540 case
Wine Club: $38.25 bottle / $405 case

2013 Late Harvest Dolcetto, Solano County/Green Valley

Notes: A dessert wine with the body of a rich wine instead of a port-style.  Flavors of dark plum with a full-mouth feel make this a perfect pairing with brownies and other desserts or try it with bacon wrapped dates or blue cheese crostini for something different!                                          Retail: $20 bottle / $240 case
Wine Club: $17 bottle / $180 case

LAPIS LUNA Selection

Lapis Luna 2016 Chardonnay, Lodi
Notes:  This Chardonnay was fermented in stainless steel tanks and has a subtle creamy mouth-feel. The flavor of white peach with a hint of citrus makes this Chardonnay refreshing and food-friendly.
Retail:  $20 bottle / $240 case
Wine Club:  $17 bottle / $180 case

Lapis Luna 2014 Merlot, North Coast
Notes: Classic berry-like flavors and aromas with wood and spice elements, this wine is Soft and luscious on the palate. This Merlot goes well with many foods, and is appealing on its own. 
Retail: $18 bottle / $216 case
Wine Club: $15.30 bottle / $162 case

Lapis Luna 2012 Zinfandel, Lodi – Shoup Vineyard
Notes: This warm weather Zinfandel grown at the Shoup Vineyard in Lodi has a distinct peppery undertone and with the addition of a touch of G V Cellars Sangiovese blended in, a slight earthiness. 
Retail: $18 bottle / $216 case
Wine Club: $15.30 bottle / $162 case

Lapis Luna 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi
Notes: Cool fermentation temperatures accentuated the cherry and cassis aromas in this Cabernet. A year in barrels has mellowed the heavy tannins resulting in a rich, full-bodied wine with varietal flavors and nuances of toasted oak.
Retail: $20 bottle / $240 case
Wine Club: $17 bottle / $180 case