People of G V Cellars

Meet the staff and family



Vicki, General Manager

Vicki started her wine education the year she turned 21. Although not a formal education, but by spending time in cellars talking and tasting with vineyard and winery owners. She was fortunate to have family members who had a passion for this industry and went on to make their own wine. This helped continue her knowledge and develop her palate, along with sporadic classes she took over the years.

With the opportunity be employed by G V Cellars broadened Vicki’s exposure to vineyard practices, production and very importantly, taught her what the consumer is looking for. Although she finds the administrative side of the business keeps her challenged and up to date with the rest of the industry in practices and compliance, having diverse experiences with an assortment of winemakers and others in this industry has been an invaluable portion of her education.

Overseeing all facets of the operation of this winery keeps Vicki engaged in this business that never stops challenging her and expanding her education. The sheer pleasure of sharing well- made wines with others is another factor that has made the wine industry Vicki’s most gratifying passion.






Sterling, Winemaker

While I have previously been a commercial orchid grower, landscaper, and engineering contractor in my career, growing grapes and making wine has always been my passion since I was first introduced to fine wines in college. In college, I worked as a line cook at a high-end French restaurant. There, I quickly fell in love with fine wines after tasting Petrus on my 21st birthday (got to love the French). After that moment, I began searching for California wines that could rival high-end French wines. In 1993, my pursuit to find these wines eventually led me to become a at home winemaker. By 1995, I began my formal training at UC Davis so that I could begin making the type of wines that I had been searching for.

After graduating from UC Davis in 1998, I eventually went on to start my own winery. My continual pursuit to create California wines that rival French wines eventually led me to G V Cellars because of their unique growing region in Solano County/Green Valley. This particular AVA has plenty to offer and I am excited to share my passion with you. 


Samantha Martinez, Assistant Winemaker

Biography coming soon.


Tasting Room


G V Cellar Staff

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Top left to right: Eric Martinez, Jerome Thweatt Jr, Carl Lunsted, Gene Gantt, Debbie Martin and Doug Wyrtz
Bottom left to right: Barry Ruffino, Taylor Gantt, Vicki McKeown, Samantha Martinez


Cellar Staff

cellar staff pic.jpg

Left to right: Sterling Albert (Winemaker), Samantha Martinez (Assistant Winemaker), Jerome Thweatt Jr (Cellar Master) and Eric Martinez (cellar/ vineyard worker)

(Owner) Robert Hager and family