Sterling, Winemaker

While I have previously been a commercial orchid grower, landscaper, and engineering contractor in my career, growing grapes and making wine has always been my passion since I was first introduced to fine wines in college. In college, I worked as a line cook at a high-end French restaurant. There, I quickly fell in love with fine wines after tasting Petrus on my 21st birthday (got to love the French). After that moment, I began searching for California wines that could rival high-end French wines. In 1995, my pursuit to find these wines eventually led me to become a at home winemaker. By 1997, I began my formal training at UC Davis so that I could begin making the type of wines that I had been searching for.

After graduating from UC Davis in 2000, I eventually went on to start my own winery. My continual pursuit to create California wines that rival French wines eventually led me to G V Cellars because of their unique growing region in Solano County/Green Valley. This particular AVA has plenty to offer and I am excited to share my passion with you. 


Ken, Cellar Master & Assistant Winemaker

I grew up on the East Coast, and studied Film Production at Syracuse University in New York State. In 1990, I was an exchange student in France (Alsace Region), where I fell in love with food and wine. I ended up enrolling in a French Viticulture and Enology school, while working as an assistant to a traveling Enologist. At end of the 90's, I moved to California, where I had the privilege of working at Opus One in Napa, giving tours and tastings. After that, I returned to Nice, France, where I have spent my last 15 years doing technical work and making small batches of wine with my winemaker friends' vineyards near Toulon. 

In 2015 my wife and I returned to the Fairfield area. While I was looking for harvest work, I discovered G V Cellars. After tasting the wines and meeting the staff, I had a strong feeling I could play a key role at G V. Three weeks later, I began working part-time for G V Cellars. In January of 2016, I transitioned into G V's full-time Cellar Master and Assistant Winemaker.


Omar, Cellar Assistant

Biography coming soon.